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About Us

Omaha Landscaping Company

Let’s talk about the steps, YOU as a homeowner should consider when thinking about a landscaping project at your home.

  1. Is this a reputable company I am going to choose?
  2. Do they use the highest quality of plant materials available from local nurseries?
  3. Do they have qualified personnel that will “shoot me straight” during the process?
  4. Does the company have staff that has degrees in horticulture, landscape management, and more than 1000 installations to back them up?


We can check all the above boxes for you!

Arbor Hills Trees and Landscaping has stood the test of time regarding landscape installations. From start to finish, we will work with each homeowner to ensure they receive the GOLD STANDARD of excellence. Our company prides itself on living up to the 25+ year reputation we have developed over time.

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction upon completion of your project!

Landscaping isn’t an expense – it’s an investment. Omaha Landscaping makes your home or business more attractive, more valuable, beautifies the community, and encourages others to follow your example.

Best Omaha Landscaping Company

Our goal is to provide you with the landscape design and installation that meets your needs and stays within your pre-planned budget. We don’t invest in big-box retail locations but elect to focus on innovation, value, and exceeding customer expectations. We keep our focus on providing our customers with the highest quality trees, shrubs, flowers, and lighting, on time, every time.