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Choosing A Landscape Designer

Landscape Designer OmahaDesigning your outdoor space is an exciting process that often takes the same kind of perception, planning and preparation as designing a custom home. An experienced landscape designer can help you create and execute your vision into an art form of functionality, expression and style. When it comes to choosing a landscape designer, it’s hard to pick one from the pack. Each designer offers their own benefits, but it’s hard to know which candidate will make the difference for YOU.

Here are some things to think about as you choose a landscape designer for your outdoor project.

Choosing A Landscape Designer For Your Property


First, understand who a landscape designer is and how they can help you. An experienced, trainedOut door living landscape designer omaha landscape artist can save you money and ensure your overall happiness with the finished project. They can make your home truly unique and accurately represent the things that are important to you. In order for a landscape designer to pull this off, they must be great listeners. They must take the time to understand you. They must be patient.

The best way to communicate with your designer is visually. Start by collecting examples from books and magazine clippings showing pictures of landscapes and designs. Another best place to start putting your visual boards together is Houzz. Note features, preferred plantings and a color palette, as well as favorite furniture, materials and other elements that you like or dislike.

Bottom line: Find someone who you feel comfortable with, and someone who makes a great team member in your quest to perfection.


When you have narrowed down your pool of candidates, take a look at the work they have done. Many landscape artists have websites that show off their completed projects. You can get a good idea for how the designer sees space, transforms exteriors and works with clients to make each yard unique. Each designer has their strengths, so see if those strengths will complement your vision.

If you’re still not sure, hire the landscape artist for a consultation. The price will be well worth it, as you can get to know the landscaper, and he/she can take a walk around your property, sharing unique insights with you.

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