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Tips to Get Your Commercial Landscape Ready for Summer

Tips to Get Your Commercial Landscape Ready for Summer

After a long and frigidly cold winter for most of the nation, spring has finally sprung – which means summer is just around the corner! Warmer weather and longer days means that more people will be out and about. Impress your customers (both current and potential) by getting your landscape in order!

Here are some helpful tips to get your commercial landscape ready for the summer season.

Helpful Tips to Get Your Commercial Landscape Ready for Summer

Have the Irrigation Systems Checked

Now is the time to have your irrigation system checked. If it isn’t working properly, your customers are going to be greeted by a dried out, brown, and dead landscape – not exactly the impression you want to make.

Have your irrigation system checked to ensure that it is running properly. Doing so will help keep your landscape lush, green, and beautiful all summer long.

Clean It Up

Get out there and clean up any renegade leaves that have collected on your lawn or in your flowerbeds during the fall and winter. Pull out any weeds that are starting to surface in your flowerbeds. Mulch your flowerbeds, too! It’s amazing what an incredible impact a freshly mulched landscape can make!

Pest Control

Everyone loves the warmth of summer – including pests. The last thing your customers want is to contend with a swarm of angry bees or see an army of ants crawling on your walls. Invest in pest control to make sure that your landscape is free of insects, rodents, and other pests that could negatively impact your landscape – and your business.

Fertilize the Lawn

Encourage the healthy growth of your lawn by fertilizing it. Have fertilizer applies throughout your lawn so that your grass is well nourished and ready to grow thick, green, and super lush. Fertilizing can also prevent the growth of crab crass, dandelions, and other types of weeds that can detract from the look of your lawn.

Hire a Professional Landscaper

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. There’s no doubt that you have very little time to tend to your landscaping yourself. Make sure everything looks neat and tidy by hiring a professional to tend to your landscape for you.

A professional can take care of all of the cleanup, the mulching, the planting, the pruning, the fertilizing, the mowing, and all other routine maintenance that your landscape needs to look great all summer long!

Arbor Hills Trees & Landscaping Services

Arbor Hills Trees & Landscaping Services can provide you with everything from detailed maintenance programs to unique plant production, and other services in between. That means we build water features, walls, patios, irrigation, walkways, outdoor kitchens, lighting and anything else you can help us dream up. Our professionally trained staff can build the landscape of your dreams!

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Fire Pit Designs Landscaping Services

Imagine the ambiance created in your backyard landscape by a custom fire pit. Nothing is more inviting on a cool spring night or for fall and winter gatherings of family and friends. A fire pit may be used to provide warmth during outdoor entertaining, but also as a heat source for outdoor cooking or simply roasting marshmallows. Our trained custom fire pit installers are experts in turning your vision into reality. More…

Outdoor Living Landscaping Services

Outdoor Kitchen
Unlimited Outdoor Kitchen offers professional outdoor kitchen, outdoor fireplace, and outdoor living room design, building, and installation services with FREE ESTIMATES. More…

Retaining Walls Landscaping Services

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Enhance the beauty of your landscape with a retaining wall that is customized to coordinate with your home’s exterior. At Arbor Hills, our retaining wall designer will create a functional retaining wall that is aesthetically pleasing for your personal taste, and within your target budget. With the many materials available today, the retaining wall project you’ve been considering is just a phone call away! More…

Stamped and Colored Concrete

Stamped Concrete
It is time to upgrade or replace some of the hardscape features surrounding your home? Stamped and colored concrete is a beautiful and affordable material. It enhances the color and texture featured on your home’s exterior. Stamped concrete in textures from modern to rustic are available to coordinate with your home’s existing design features. Colored concrete can be blended to match or enhance your home’s exterior color scheme. A designer from Arbor Hills will consider all these existing features at your site visit and when designing your project. More…

Patio Pavers Landscaping Services

Patio Pavers
Concrete pavers are a great way to improve your landscape and garden. They are super strong and lend themselves to many hardscaping projects. They rarely crack but if they do, each piece is easily replaceable. More…

Landscape Lighting Designs

Landscape Lighting
Outdoor lighting can be nearly as important to the overall look and feel of your home as the landscaping itself. So you shouldn’t short-change yourself by skimping on quality lighting products. We are a full-service landscape and waterscape company that can solve all of your residential and commercial lighting needs anywhere in Omaha and the surrounding areas. More…

Water Feature Landscaping Designs

Water Features
Imagine the sight and sound of bubbling water as you relax in your outdoor sanctuary. A water feature can give just the right ambiance to your outdoor retreat. Or, if you are looking for a water feature with traffic-slowing curb appeal, a designer from Arbor Hills will help you choose the water feature that best enhances your home. More…

Sod Installation Services

Sod Installation Omaha
Whether you have just built your home, cleared agricultural land for your personal use or simply want to improve the look of your existing yard, having sod installed is a fast way to create the lush, green carpet of grass you want. It offers instant satisfaction rather than the weeks of waiting and anticipating whether or not your grass seed is going to grow. Plus, using sod offers a host of other benefits. More…

Mulch & Rock Landscaping Services

Mulch and Rocks Landscaping Omaha
The concept, to design, to delivery and installation, we have more than 20 years experience in the landscaping industry in the Omaha and surrounding areas. Our services include delivery, full installation, and clean-up of mulch and rock around your beds, trees, and more. More…

Plants & Shrubs Landscaping

Garden Center Omaha Plants and Shrubs
Plants and shrubs are the backbone of your landscape and should be the first things you plant. Proper selection will enhance a home’s appearance and increase property value while reflecting the homeowner’s style and personality. More…

Tree Nursery

Trees for sale Omaha
Let our trained nursery professionals assist you in selecting the perfect tree or shrub to complete your landscape. We carry a selection that is unmatched in the Omaha and the surrounding areas and are willing and eager to explain our favorites. Improved varieties are introduced each year and we always strive to carry the best and newest – varieties more resistant to disease, shade trees better able to withstand storm damage and ornamentals in unique colors, shapes and sizes you have to see to believe. More…