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Fire Pit Designs

Fire pit designs Omaha

Fire pit designs can add beauty and warmth to your existing landscaping here in Omaha and the surrounding areas. If you have ever wanted to enjoy your garden, landscape or patio at night, but didn’t want to bundle up in your coat to do so, a fire pit is what your home needs.

Your Site Visit

At your site visit, your custom fire pit design estimator will share the latest fireplace features that make preparing, controlling and maintaining a fire easy for you and your family. Some considerations in installing the best features for your home are:

  • Location of fire pit within the landscape and wind exposure of site
  • Number of people the fire pit area will accommodate
  • Will the fire pit be used for cooking and what types of cooking
  • Type of fuel source best for the desired maintenance required
  • The look and feel that will best enhance your home and landscape.

When you have considered the above, please request a site visit to get the latest information on fire pit design and features from our estimator. He is looking forward to working with you to create the fire pit experience you envision for your lifestyle and your landscaping.