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Foundation Landscaping

One of the methods of enhancing your home’s aesthetic is by introducing foundation plants into your landscaping scheme. Foundation plants should go well with your existing landscaping, and they should circle your home’s foundation to give it a much warmer and more comfortable appearance.

Unfortunately in Omaha and other surrounding areas of Nebraska we tend to encounter greenery which is neglected and unloved when it comes to foundation plants. They are overgrown and appear unhealthy much of the time. These do not benefit any home’s appearance, nor do they enhance the rest of the property’s landscaping. Do you have this problem? Do your existing foundation plants do nothing more than make your Omaha home and landscape look drab and dreary? If so, we can provide you with some suggestions to improve things drastically!

Make sure to work in cooperation with your landscape designer or architect. Together you can develop a plan that will succeed making your landscape compliment the architectural design of your Omaha home. The following tips will really help:

For a ‘Mid-Century Modern’, Colonial, Cottage, or Tudor-style home you will want to consider the style and opt for shrubbery which will provide bright colored flowers when it blooms. Make sure to accessorize the colors in coordination to your home’s color scheme by matching the flowers to your door, trim, or shutters.

Implement balance. Match your landscaping from side to side. For example, what you use for foundation plants on one side should be a direct reflection of the other side of your home. Ranch homes and cottages typically look best if you keep things casual, so keep that in mind.

Don’t plant varieties which will end up block the view of your home, and don’t distract the eye from your home with your landscaping scheme. Taller shrubs and trees, or flower beds which catch too much attention are good examples.

Any foundation plants you use around doors or sidewalks will be seen right away be visitors, and will give them their clearest impression of the rest of your scheme. Keep this in mind, and consider the use of rich textures and appropriate lighting, if needed.

If your Omaha home has areas in the outer walls which have a lot of space between windows use of a larger variety of shrub is a wonderful option. Even a smaller tree or trellis covered in vines will work beautifully. Make sure not to go overboard; it is important not to use plants which will hinder light coming through the windows of your home.

For more information get in touch with the landscaping professionals at Arbor Hills Trees & Landscaping. We will be more than happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have regarding your foundation plant and landscaping ideas, and we will work in cooperation with you during the entire process to make the landscaping vision you have for your home a reality. Simply call us at 402-895-3635, or visit our website at arborhillstrees.com. We look forward to working with you!

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