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Gardening Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Gardening Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Moms are well-practiced at saying “it’s the thought that counts”. Moms love their gardens and many aspire to grow herbs for cooking with. Are you struggling to find a unique and useful gift for your mother? Have a look at some of these creative Mother’s Day gift ideas for gardening moms.

Gardening Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Plant Watering Globes

These beautiful bird-shaped watering globes, made of glass, keep plants perfectly watered. Plant watering globes are also beneficial when mom is out of town and there is no one to water the plants.

Flower Grow Kits

Uncommon Goods sells birth month flower grow kits, as a personalized Mother’s Day gift. The kit includes everything she needs to grow her special birth month flowers at home.

Gardening Gloves

Gardening gloves are great for keeping mom’s hands protected while working in the garden. Some gloves have a beautiful floral design. Other pairs of gloves are even touchscreen compatible. Touchscreen compatible gloves are great for days when mom needs to stay in touch during her gardening session.

Canvas Garden Apron

Look out for a beautiful canvas gardening apron for mom. These aprons have pockets to store all the tools she needs while gardening. Such an apron is a very practical gift for the garden-loving mother.

Brass Plant Mister

A brass plant mister is a very stylish gift that can be easily displayed in the house when not in use outdoors. Several types of plants benefit from being misted regularly, and this handy tool can do the job well. Misters are lightweight and easy to clean making them the perfect gardening gift for mom.

Garden Kneeler

Maintaining a garden can be hard on your mom’s knees. A garden kneeler is a practical, thoughtful gift that can help to relieve pressure on the knees when kneeling to get to those ever-present weeds. Garden kneelers are small and have an easy carry feature to make them more convenient when planting new seedlings.

Organic Salad Gardening

Easy grow kits make it easy to plant salad greens at home. Organic salad gardening packs offer a selection of salad ingredients to choose from and are also good for growing in a greenhouse.

Wild Tomato Vine Candles

Soy candles are so unique that they are guaranteed to bring a smile to your mom’s face. When lighting up these candles you will recognize the smell of wild vine tomatoes. The added benefit of buying these candles is the fact that the packaging is plantable. This gift idea for mom allows her to grow tomatoes after the candle’s wax has been used up, making it extra special.

Watering Spikes

Water spikes store and disperse water into the soil so that plants stay hydrated in between watering. Some are made in the shape of a cactus to give your outdoor space an extra flair.

Blue and White Ceramic Plant Markers

Handy and beautifully painted on porcelain, these elegant plant markers make the perfect Mother’s Day gifts. Plant markers help keep track of everything that was planted in the garden in a very stylish manner.

Terra-cotta Hanging / Pedestal Plant pots

These beautiful hand-painted, terra-cotta flowerpots can be used as hanging or pedestal pots. They are so beautiful won’t be able to wait to put the pots on display. We recommend purchasing a pair for more styling options.

Pollinator Garden Push-Ups

If your mother is struggling to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees to the yard, this product is just what she needs. Pollinator push-ups fix the problem in no time by supplying separate pollen blends for butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees

Kids Educational Gardening Kits

Should your mother long for some gardening time with her grandchildren, a kid’s educational gardening kit is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. Educational gardening kits are designed to encourage interaction between grandmothers and grandkids. The kits contain seeds, soil, and instructions for quality bonding and learning.

Ceramic Watering Can

Your mom will love a lightweight, pretty watering can. Nowadays watering cans come in an array of designs and colors, making them easy to spot. Watering cans make for a happy-looking gift, that will be a joy for your mom to water her flowers and seedlings with.

With so many gardening gifts available this year, shopping for Mother’s Day will be a pleasure. The variety of affordable and thoughtful gifts will surely make shopping and gifting a joyful experience!

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