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Hiding Landscaping Eyesores

Hiding Landscaping Eyesores

When creating your ideal outdoor living space, you imagine having gorgeous flowers or other plant life creating a beautiful surrounding of your home or commercial space, and having attractive outdoor features such as a pool, outdoor kitchen, or permanent structure creating the perfect backdrop.

But what are you going to do about hiding those ugly and bulky eyesores outside your house?

We’re talking about picking privacy plants to hide air conditioners, pool filters, plumbing, electrical equipment, etc. You may have a beautiful landscape but the first thing everyone will notice is that huge outdoor air conditioner sticking out like a sore thumb. Trust us, it’s not a good look.

Don’t scrap your dream landscape just yet.There are a lot of options when it comes to hiding these eyesores and keeping your residential or commercial space looking beautiful.

Here are a few tips to hiding your landscaping eyesores


All of these require a few feet of space, either to function properly (primarily for ventilation) or to allow access.

The simplest solution are:

  • Trellis fence panel with climbers like clematis,
  • Sweet peas
  • Honeysuckle
  • Roses.

For a more permanent fixture:

  • Hedges can be planted to screen off the area. Even in cooler climates, bamboo will grow tall and thick enough to hide any of these landscape fixtures. Ornamental grasses may work as well.

Pipes, Posts, & Downspouts 

Pipes, posts, and downspouts can easily be dressed up with climbing vines, but be sure the vine you choose will not become so heavy it will tear the down spout off the wall. Ivy should be fine, but wisteria will tear down all but the strongest structures. To help vines to climb the pipes, attach bird netting or a coil of baling wire around them. Netting and wire also works well for lamp posts.

Satellite Dish

For larger satellite dishes on the ground, planting tall, showing flowers near it is the simplest way to make it more attractive. For smaller dishes up to eighteen inches, there are hollow “rocks” that look and feel like granite boulders, but don’t interfere with reception.

Need Expert Landscape Design Help?

To get the most out of foundation plantings, shrubs, and trees to help hide those pesky and unattractive outdoor objects, let the professionals at Arbor Hills Trees & Landscaping in Omaha help you come up with the perfect plan.