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Slate Walkways For Landscaping

Slate Walkways For Landscaping

If you’re looking for ways to increase the landscaping appeal of your home, consider beautiful slate walkways. As a natural material that’s mined from the earth, slate provides excellent strength, durability and easy maintenance. It holds up well in any climate and various weather conditions, so you can expect many years of outdoor beauty for your Omaha home.

Slate Walkways For Landscaping

What is Slate?

Slate is a fine-grain, metamorphic rock. It gets its unique appearance and character when layers of shale or mudstone shift far beneath the earth’s surface creating thin layers of rock, one on top of another. Slate is composed mainly of clay minerals or micas, silicate minerals that form in distinct layers. Slate often contains high levels of quartz that gives it a unique texture, as well as small amounts of other minerals like calcite, feldspar, pyrite and hematite found deep beneath the earth’s surface.

Because of its durability, slate is suitable for a variety of landscaping design projects including driveways, sidewalks and slate walkways, patios and terraces, pool and spa decks, stair treads and garden areas. Slate is a material that holds up well outdoors in all climate and weather conditions, even in cold Omaha winters. Because it absorbs minimal moisture, it stands up well to freezing rain, sleet and snow without cracking.

Slate Finishes

  • Clefted Slate
  • Honed Slate
  • Polished Slate

Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

  • Slate Driveways
  • Garden Walkways
  • Patio and Terraces
  • Porches and Verandas
  • Outdoor Pavilions
  • Pool Decks

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Whatever the style of your home, slate walkways can have a big impact on the appeal of your home’s landscape. Slate is a beautiful, affordable material that provides excellent long-term durability and easy maintenance for a variety of outdoor projects. If you have any questions or looking for a FREE ESTIMATE, give us a call.