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Organic Lawn Care Is Catching On

Organic Lawn Care Is Catching On

The growing organic movement in agriculture is increasingly crossing over into landscaping, as professionals respond to rising consumer demand for healthy, full lawns that are nourished in an ecologically responsible way.

What once was nothing more than a grassroots initiative is increasing in popularity as concerns deepen about the effects chemicals are having on people’s health, the environment, and overall quality of life.

Why Is Organic Lawn Care Becoming Popular?


According to some research, as a result of fertilizer pollution, there are now “dead zones” appearing in lakes and oceans around the world where no marine life is growing.  Also, all animals are adversely impacted by synthetic chemicals used on lawns.  In fact, it is estimated that 67 million birds are killed annually by pesticides.

It is also good for you, your family, and the people in your community.


Some organic lawn care companies say, “Chemical lawn care companies tend to solve lawn problems by applying more and more chemicals on them.  First, their chemicals encourage quick grass growth…which can make your lawn more susceptible to pest problems.  Then they spray on more chemicals to solve the pest problems.  In addition to killing the target pests, these chemical sprays can weaken or kill beneficial organisms.  When the pests return, they find weakened grass and weakened predators.  That’s when the chemical companies apply even more chemicals.  It’s a never-ending cycle…and your poor lawn is the loser.”

Final Thought

There are many studies supporting both sides on this issue. The choice is yours as a home-owner to decide what you feel is best.

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