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Patio vs Deck

Patio vs DeckWhat is the difference between a patio vs deck? A deck is an open outdoor living space attached to your home. Decks are typically enclosed with some type of railing and offer an excellent view of their surroundings. A patio, in contrast, is a paved area flush with the ground and does not have rails.

Patio vs Deck

Patio vs Deck: Cost Comparison & Materials

According to an article from House Logic, building a deck costs around $33 per square foot depending on the material used, and location. Conversely, a patio might cost as low as $15 per square foot. In short, patios are usually around half the price of a deck and require less maintenance.


A new trend has homeowners extending their living space outdoors and choosing materials that can withstand outdoor elements. These materials include:

Stamp Concrete

Stamped concrete might be considered plain and low-end, however, basic concrete makes for a durable and versatile patio material. There are finishing processes for poured concrete if you want a modern, upscale vibe that makes it appear more expensive. However, when exposed to cold climates, low temperatures, and moisture, special textures tend to crack. As a result, special texture patios require refinishing every couple of years.

Wood Lookalike Pavers

Wood planks tend to add warmth to spaces. Therefore, this makes them a perfect designing material for outdoor living. However, once wooden planks are exposed to weather and other outdoor elements, the natural materials will not hold up long term. Instead, opt for wood lookalike concrete. Wood lookalike concrete allows you to achieve the rustic charm of a wood floor without the need for extensive maintenance that wood planks require.

Another wood lookalike option is a Borealis patio slab. This type of patio is indistinguishable from real wood options that dress up any space. Borealis patio slabs need absolutely no maintenance, meaning, no staining, wood-treating, or wood rotting forever.

Unique Patterns

Westmount paver is a popular choice among homeowners and designers to create a herringbone pattern for their outdoor flooring. The lean and linear shape makes it a versatile option in landscape design, as well as a great pair for herringbone patterns and other random patterns.


Pressure-Treated Wood

Pressure-treated wood is the most common deck material. In fact, this type of wood is permeated with chemicals that contain insecticides and anti-rot properties to help enhance its natural durability. This option is also quite affordable. However, pressure-treated wood requires regular power washing, sanding, and restaining that in order to extend the lifespan of your pressure-treated deck.

Patio vs Deck: Location

The location and which side the patio or deck is placed on has a big effect on cost. In fact, patios tend to be a bad choice for uneven ground. Therefore, if you choose to build on uneven ground, creating a level foundation can double or triple the actual construction cost of the deck.

Patio vs deck: Features

Features such as railings and other structural and decorative elements affect the cost of your patio or deck. It’s best to keep your deck matching or complementary to the look of your house so it doesn’t look out of place. Decorations like lighting can also help make the space usable at night.

Whether you add a deck or patio at your home, it’s necessary to have property coverage to help you stay protected. On the other hand, checking for improvements is a good thing if you’re in renovation mode on your outdoor space.

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