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Sod Installation

Sod Installation OmahaWhether you have just built your home, cleared agricultural land for your personal use or simply want to improve the look of your existing yard, having sod installed in your landscaping is a fast way to create the lush, green carpet of grass you want. It offers instant satisfaction rather than the weeks of waiting and anticipating whether or not your grass seed is going to grow. Plus, using sod offers a host of other benefits. Here are six reasons why you should consider having sod installation on your property:

Sod Installation Landscaping Omaha

A sod lawn produces a finished lawn immediately and it is instantly attractive.

As mentioned previously, the use of sod creates a finished masterpiece immediately. Installers simply prepare the soil and then roll out the green carpet. Of course, you’ll have maintenance tasks to attend to, but you won’t have to deal with a soggy yard of mud for weeks while you wait for the first fragile blades of grass to sprout from all those seeds you planted.

A sod lawn costs less.

Many people turn to grass seed when it comes to getting a beautiful lawn. And, while it is possible to do so with seed, most people underestimate the cash investment that has to be made to get the lawn you want. Buying seed is expensive in and of itself. But, then there is fertilizer, tools for aerating the ground and seeding, straw to prevent runoff and birds…the cost starts to seriously add up quickly. Sod lawns offer a cost effective way to get a great looking yard quickly.

A sod lawn is healthier because it is grown professionally.

Sod farmers really love their grass. They spend hours a day feeding it, cutting it, watering it. All of this attention results is vibrant, strong grass that is ready to be transplanted in to your yard.

Sod makes for a denser lawn.

Sod farmers understand how to plant grass seed in order to create the dense, lush carpet you want. They regularly over-seed in order to produce grass that is dense and resists bare spots. What’s also great about this approach is that you won’t have to reseed in order to get the thick grass you want. It’s already been done.

Sod has no weeds.

Sod, when it is being grown, is cultivated in such a way that there is literally no room for weeds. Most sod farmers shy away from using herbicides to control weeds, but the truth is that they usually don’t need it. The density of the seeds planted discourages weed growth naturally.

Sod prevents soil erosion.

One of the worst things about planting grass seed is that when it rains, the soil and seed are carried away and pile up at the bottom of a hill or other landscape element. Sod not only keeps the grass where you want it, but prevents the soil under it from eroding away. This means that you can avoid muddy pits while keeping your yard nice and level.

You aren’t alone in your desire to have a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of. Sod can give you that lawn quickly and more affordable than you might think.

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